Oral Presentation

You will be given a 10-minute time slot which will include the timing for both your presentation (usually 5-7 minutes long) and a Q & A session (usually 3-5 minutes long) in which the evaluators can ask questions about your project. Your oral presentation will be attended by a panel of evaluators, MURALS colleagues and any family or friends whom you choose to invite.

You can design your oral presentation with PowerPoint, Prezi, or another platform of your choice. If your work requires audio, video, animation, etc. be sure to incorporate it in your oral presentation. This portion is the only interactive component, so you are welcome to use it as it best suits your scholarly work. A creative art submitter might recite their work or describe their art, a STEM submitter might use a video to show how a mechanism operates, a Social Science Humanities submitter might play snippets of interviews, and a Service-Learning submitter might use this time to show an organization’s website – these are just examples.

You’re welcome to be creative or follow a standard presentation template. It is important to note that the presentation evaluators have not seen your poster or abstract, so please provide full context of your project during your oral presentation.

  • Upload your presentation to the assigned folder by March 29, 2023 using this link.

This may seem like a lot AND I promise you, you will be proud.

Don’t forget to invite your family 😊

Please let me know if you have any questions or contact your graduate assistant!

All the Best!!!