Interviews with MURALS Winners

Meet the 2021 MURALS Winners!

1st Place Overall Winner: Janaye Matthews (She/Her/They/Them)

Presentation: Americas Responsibility to invest in reparations in the form of healthcare initiatives for descendants of enslaved Africans

Majors: Biomedical Engineering & Electrical Engineering

Minors: Ethnic Studies, Mathematics

Year: Senior ’21

1st Place Service Learning and Leadership: Maya Siegel (She/Her)

Presentation: Space to Speak, Giving Youth A Leading Voice In The Sexual Violence Prevention Movement.

Major: Business Administration

Year: Senior ’22

1st Place Creative Arts: Alexa Ware (She/Her) & DeVon Washington (He/Him)

Presentation: A Love Story Like Queen and Slim

DeVon Washington:

  • Major: Sociology
  • Minor: Criminal Justice
  • Year: Senior ’22

Alexa Ware:

  • Major: Biomedical Science
  • Minor: Chemistry
  • Year: Senior ’22

1st place Social Science & Humanities: Sage Mednansky (They/Them/Theirs)

Presentation: If Butter Doesn’t Kill You, Settler Colonialism Will

Degree: B.S. in Psychology

Occupation: Research Study Assistant