First Year Scholar: Students

Undergraduate Research & Experiential Learning for First Year Students

The First Year Scholars Program affords first year students the opportunity to begin exploring academic areas of interest by selecting from a list of faculty designed programs tailored to help first year students thrive in an engaged hands-on environment:

Why become a First Year Scholar???

Research Experience

The First Year Scholars Academy brings its students out of the classroom and immerses them into undergraduate research/project opportunities that allows for the educational experience to come to life! These opportunities include research labs, developing projects, data collecting, surveying, literature reviews, field work in the great outdoors and soooo much more! Students have an opportunity to develop close relationships with faculty members and graduate students who will be part of their entire academic career as well as engage with peers who are interested in the same field of study.


A few extra dollars never hurt! As a First Year Scholar, students will be paid upon completion of their commitment (over winter break) in the amount of $2000 for 10-weeks

Why Wait?

At most institutions, students have to wait 2-3 years to gain practical experience in this manner. The First Year Scholars program brings its students out of the classroom and immerses them into a field their first semester.

DEADLINE to apply: September 2nd

Admitted Scholars:

All admitted First Year Scholars must attend orientation during the weeks of 9/12 and 9/19.  fys Academy will begin the week of 9/26. 

Details for orientation will be sent to your student email after you have been accepted.

In addition, First Year Scholars are expected to abide by the following:

  • Documenting 4-6 hours per week beginning the week of 9/26.
  • Attend MURALS fys Academy community meetings (twice a month)
  • Design and implement a research/project plan (through mentorship with research faculty)
  • Demonstrate safe laboratory practices and correctly using lab equipment where applicable
  • Submit stipend effort weekly as required by student employment
  • Present at MURALS23
  • Present research results at an approved research venue (this may include travel to an appropriate conference which will require timely prior approval)
  • CSU Code of Conduct
  • CSU Principles of Community